Cyprus….Crossing The Rubicon

Did you get a load of the stunt the ECB. (European Central Bank) and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) tried to pull over the week end? Let me clue you in. It seems the two big banks in Cyprus are busted as in broke. They gambled away their money investing in bonds of “All Star Countries” such as Greece. Rather than have the bond holders who invested in this crap take their lumps, they decided to put the public on the hook to bail out the banks. This bailout was going to be in the form of stealing their money based upon the following formula. If you have more than 100,000 Euros in the bank, You get a forced hair cut of 9.9%. If you had less than 100,000 you were going to get buzzed for only 6.75%.


Did you get that? No votes, No discussion, No please can I have a bailout, Nothing…….  go in and grab the cash. Tell me,….. how does that work? Did you know 18 months ago the ECB conducted a bank Stress test. As you can probably surmise, the Cypriot banks passed with flying colors. Eighteen months later they are busted and looking to steal their depositors money, you just can’t make this up. This also gives you a sense of the complete fraud which is aided and abetted by the governments and central banks involved. Let me also say, If you think the USA is an innocent bystander in all of this, let me disabuse you of that notion. As far as the IMF is concerned , the USA makes up approximately 25%, hence, the USA knew exactly what was going to happen and was complicit in its approval. Anyone out there in dream land, who thinks this could never happen here, are completely delusional. 


As justification for this scam, the media started repeating the same garbage the ECB was publishing which was, Cyprus has a lot of Russian money parked in its banks from rich Oligarchs. The implication was,  we are only stealing money from other thieves, of course they conveniently omit the part about the little guy who has less than 100 K in the bank and rape them too. I bring this up to illustrate the despicable caliber of people running interference for the big banks. Make no mistake, this grab was out right theft. At least Jesse James had a gun….Sheesh.


Let me also tell you, the same thing is happening here in the USA. No, they have not gone to the banks and stolen your money just yet, but our Fed is printing 85 billion dollars a month out of thin air. What do they do with this money? 45 billion a month is used to purchase MBS. Do you know what MBS is? They are Mortgaged Backed Securities. These are the Toxic real estate deals all of the big banks have on their books. If they had to mark these to the market, as in, reflect their true value today, all of the big banks would be insolvent. Let me say that again,…They would be broke…..busted…and dead. Instead, the Fed buys this garbage with money printed out of thin air, which in a defacto sense, devalues the currency, and props up these walking zombies called banks. You know, the guys Eric Holder said were too big to prosecute.


So here is the question of the day. How long will we put up with this? How long will we allow the Banksters to steal and plunder? If you’re retired, you played by the rules, you saved your money, you get nothing as they have to keep interest rates low because our country is so far in the hole debt wise, we will never see day light. If interest rates go up 2%, its game over for our country. The interest on our debt would consume a major portion of our taxable income. 


Okay, so the jury is out as to whether this deal is going to stick in Cyprus. As you can imagine, the Russians don’t take kindly to being ripped off. Especially former KGB. The Cypriot politicians got the phone call over the week end. Vote for this and its game over for you. Today we find, they do not have the votes to ratify the stealing of the peoples money. I wonder what happened………


Let me conclude with this. If you think this can’t happen here, you better think again. We are in uncharted waters when it comes to the financial state of our country. These people will do anything to maintain their wealth and power. Believe it…..











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