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MOPE stands for Management of Perspective Economics. This was a term coined by the great Jim Sinclair of to describe the media today as they Lie, Obfuscate, Distort and Shill for the present Administration. Just about any numbers which are disseminated from the government are massaged in some manner or another to be congruent with the latest talking points. Let me also say this: it is no different than the previous administration except it has become even more egregious now as we have an election pending.


What makes this kind of entertaining from my perspective is they pretty much think everyone is a moron. Now let me stop here and say, yes… there is a large percentage of  people out there that are completely ignorant of what is going on around them. These are people who are living for the moment and have no concerns or cares about the future, as in their world, things will go merrily along with out a hiccup. These are the same people who get their news from the television where 82% of those in the media have professed to having a liberal bias, hence, they are going to get the liberal view which is 99% supportive of the Obama agenda.


Recently, we were once again treated to the latest unemployment numbers. The media loves to hype the fact that the unemployment rate came down from 8.3% to now 8.1%. Now most people would say “Come on… whats not to like? It’s heading in the right direction.” Well… lets take another look at this. The reason the number went to 8.1% is not because more people found jobs, it’s because more people quit looking for work. Hence…. once you fall off the rolls, you are no longer counted. So….. rather than tell you any of this, the media starts with the shilling. To be sure, there are some news outlets where you will get this information, however, more times than not, you will not hear it from the Main Street Media. You have to remember, they are doing everything in their power to get Obama elected again. They are not going to bring up anything which might be construed to be a negative, and employment (or the lack of employment) is not something they are going to talk about for the reasons mentioned above.


Another example of the MOPE MEDIA was on display during the recent political conventions. Both the Republicans and the Democrats keep claiming they are are going to save Medicare and Medicaid. They keep mentioning that if you are 55 years old you will not notice a thing. Here’s what they are not telling you. Currently these programs grow at a about 9% annually. Don’t believe me, Check it out for yourself, its 9%. Last year we spent about 840 billion dollars on this. If this grows at a 9% rate annually cost will double every 7.5 years or so. The average 55 year old today will live to 85 years old. That will mean these cost will double every 7.5 years and there will be 4 doublings in cost for the guy who is 55 years old. In 28 years, at the pace we are at, the cost for Medicare and Medicaid will be 13 +trillion dollars per year… Don’t believe me. Get out your calculator and do the math yourself. So…. Did you hear anyone from the Main Street Media challenge these numbers….? No you did not. Why? These are supposed to be smart people. The reason you do not hear anything from them is once again – the news does not go with the narrative they want to put across.


No doubt, most people reading this site probably already know all of this. Likewise when it comes to media bias. However, we need to ask the hard questions of our elected officials rather than let them go on putting out lies. This is not rocket science, it is simple math but apparently our elected officials are not proficient in math. The fact of the matter is, they are proficient in math, they just don’t want to address this because they are more interested in being reelected. What is called for now is true statesmen. Do we have any who will tell the truth?


So…… Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public, if you think the government is going to take care of you in your old age, I think you had better think again. There is no way we are going to spend this kind of money on these programs. Its not possible.









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