Until Something Changes…

Well, tonight is the night there is a debate. In about 15 minutes actually from right now. What does that mean to people like you and I? It means more hot air from Obama about how he needs more time to “fix the economy” and how “it was worse than he thought it was” and no doubt some defense from Romney on the issue.

Here is my opinion, and take it for what it is worth: I honestly don’t think it really matters who will be the next President – and I say that because neither of them want to tackle (or even talk about) the tough decisions that need to be made in this country and with our Government.

The type of decisions I am talking about will hurt some people and it will make some people very angry. And that is the decisions of where tax dollars are spent.

This evening I was at Target getting some groceries and lo and behold I see yellow onions, just plain yellow onions (who knows, probably GMO) for like 1.19$ a pound. I see a little sticker next to them that says “WIC Accepted”. I then look above them and there are Organic Yellow Onions… for 5.49$ per pound. And right next to them is, you guessed it – “WIC Accepted”.

My issue that I can’t afford to eat organic foods (not that I want to). And I have a decent paying job. Yet my tax dollars are paying for someone who made a (dumb) decision to bring a life in to this world and to not be be prepared for that responsibility because yes, it is a huge responsibility. It’s things like this that need to be addressed. It will make people hurt. It will make things not seem so easy. But this country isn’t about easy.

These people out there (the “47%”) are the type of people who are very much like children. They have been given something. Like a toy. And when you can’t afford to have that toy anymore, what happens when you try and take that toy from the child? He doesn’t want to give that thing up. And in fact, I’m pretty sure that child will be kicking and screaming.

So goes it with a large portion of our population here. They have been given something by an entity who can no longer afford it. And now when the time comes that that something needs to be taken away, there will be a lot of kicking and screaming by this portion of our population. And by kicking and screaming, I mean mass riots.  I am talking about people on the street totally pissed off that something that they were given, something that they think they deserve is no longer going to be given to them. No more Obama Phone, no more ObamaCare. No more WIC money for Organic Onions when the normal GMO ones will do the job. No more money to fund these (bribes) projects.

This is not something that people will want to hear. In fact, people will be very angry about this. The person who came out with these claims would be hated. But it, at this point, is the only way to turn this place around. I don’t believe there is any other way. We are a train about to go off a cliff and there is a way to stop it, but no one wants to take it head on and confront these issues because they are afraid they will hurt someone or make someone upset.

There is nothing we can do about making someone upset. Bill Cosby once said “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

Here is what I suggest to turn this economy around:

1. No more bailouts. Ever. Companies should be allowed to succeed, and they should be allowed to fail. There is no such thing as a company “too big to fail”. It doesn’t matter who it is – GM, Wells Fargo – if they make stupid and uneducated business decisions, they should deal with the consequences of those decisions. Just like I do. If I make a bad business decision and I fail at a business, I fail and go out of business. If I make a horrible investment, I lose all my money.

2. End all subsidies right now. To everything. Green Energy. Oil companies. The Chevy Volt… Make it fair and make it across the board.

3. End / Cut entitlements. All of them. Be fair. Stop making people content with EBT and WIC. Make them motivated to work.

4. End failing and insolvent government programs. Post Office – I am sorry – this needs to be privatized. No profit in how long? If this were run as a private company, it would have to succeed, or else go out of business. If your business model is no good, then you deserve that.

5. Stop giving money to countries that hate us and hate our allies… Immediately. I mean Egypt. I mean Libya. I mean Afghanistan and Iraq. Let these people deal with it themselves. As far as I am concerned, we got our man. Let them know that if they attack us again, there will be absolute hell to pay. If one American citizen dies by their hand, 10 of them will die by ours. And by hell, I don’t mean a long drawn out occupation of their country. I mean a swift, fast and accurate attack on them where it hurts. And make it more than a threat. Make it a promise.

6. Cut federal taxes around the board for everyone at least 10%. Get rid of all tax brackets and make it a “fair tax” – something like 13% should be more than enough. For everyone. Anyone who makes money pays 13%. If they do not, it is a federal crime and they will be prosecuted.

7. Fire Bernanke and allow the housing rates to settle naturally through the free market. This should probably be number 1 or 2.

If we don’t look past all the stupid issues – the dog on the roof of a car, the Romney is a Mormon, the Obama is a Muslim – and look at the REAL issues that are destroying this country, then it really doesn’t matter who we vote for or what these guys say in this debate.



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